Catching Up with DJ Chuang about Social Media, .Bible, and MultiAsian.Church: Podcast 230

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How effectively do we use social media and other web-based technologies today?

From recording the very first podcasts of the Social Media Church Podcast to battling  depression through utter dependence on Christ and now as a guest himself. Join us in catching up with DJ Chuang as he provides wisdom and practical ways to maximize social media today, online privacy security and top-level domain marketing.

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DJ Chuang YT

DJ Chuang FB


Multi-Asian Church

Demystifying Prayer

Harvest Bible Chapel

Redemption Bible Church

A Conversation with That Christian Vlogger Justin Khoe: Podcast 229

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What does it take to be a “Digital Missionary”?

Well at least that’s what ‘That Christian Vlogger’, Justin Khoe calls himself. When talking about missions, we usually think of spreading the gospel in some remote area in a third-world country. Justin, however, considers YouTube to be his mission field. This week’s podcast is filled with useful knowledge from Justin Khoe as he shares with Nils Smith all about pastoring an area where God called him to be.

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That Christian Vlogger YouTube Channel

That Christian Vlogger Patreon

Justin Khoe Twitter

A Conversation with James Eaton of Highlands Fellowship: Podcast 228

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How does your online church fit with your local church?

In this week’s podcast, we are joined by James Eaton, Online Director of Highlands Fellowship. James provides us with some wisdom on how to lead an online church and what the end goal for their online church  is. James also shares how an online church can cater to small groups and the services he uses for live streaming.

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My StreamSpot

James Eaton 

Highlands Fellowship Church

Highlands Fellowship Facebook Page


Alexa Skill

A Conversation with Kenny Jahng about Virtual Reality World and Amazon’s New Social Network: Podcast 227

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What is the future of virtual reality? Will Amazon’s new social network compete with Facebook?

Our regular guest, Kenny Jahng, answers these questions and more in this new podcast with Nils Smith. Together, they share their experience and insights from their immersive virtual reality (VR) experience at VR World in New York City. Kenny and Nils try to predict the future of VR in churches, like having a quiet time with a VR tour of Jerusalem, or attending an actual worship service through VR in your own home. They also discuss how Amazon’s new social network revolves around and with their actual products for sale.  Is this a threat to Facebook?

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Show Notes:

Virtual Reality World (VR World NYC)

Virtual Reality

Kenny Jahng Twitter

Amazon’s New Social Network Launch:

Church Butler

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A Conversation with Jay Kranda about Podcasting and Alexa Skills: Podcast 226

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In this day and age where time is the most valuable commodity, more and more people are starting to appreciate podcasts.

Today, Nils and Jay Kranda tell us how podcasts are becoming more relevant and creating greater opportunities for churches. In this episode, we will also get to know the podcast opportunities beyond just the weekend sermon. is also giving away free Amazon Alexa Skills for ministries. Just sign up at

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Alexa Skill


CV Outreach

Jay Kranda Twitter

Podcast Statistics of 2017

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A Conversation with Justin Dean about Church PR in the midst of Tragedy: Podcast 225

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The recent disaster in our country proved one thing true,our churches weren’t prepared on how or what to communicate in the midst of the storm. While some churches communicated beautifully, others over communicated and some didn’t communicate at all.

When megachurch pastor Joel Osteen seemed to be silent for a moment in the midst of tragedy, people on social media were quick to attack him for not opening his facility in Houston, Texas to those in need. It turned out only to be not true as it was nothing more than a lack of communication between him and the public. His church was also flooded and he wasn’t able to immediately open the doors and risk doing more harm than good.  Everyone has an opinion on what he should have done and I’m sure if he had a do-over he might have done things different. This podcast is not about Joel Osteen, but it is about what every pastor faced in the midst of this storm when you feel speechless, but the world is looking to your words for comfort and direction.

Needless to say, public relations or PR, can be critical in times like these.In this episode Justin Dean, author of PR Matters: A Survival Guide for Church Communicators, shares with us about the importance of church PR today. Nils and Justin also talk about how churches should respond to disasters and how church leaders should handle crisis situations.

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Show Notes:

Book: Church PR: A Survival Guide for Church Communicators

Justin Dean - Twitter

ThatChurch Podcast

ThatChurch Conference

Lakewood Church - Facebook

Joel Osteen - Facebook

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A Conversation with Trent Dunham about Creating a Generous Church Culture: Podcast 224

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Talking about money inside the church can be awkward for some but that doesn’t make the topic less important.

There are many lessons in the Bible about giving money to the church and about being generous. But how does a church and their leaders encourage the congregation to be more generous without sounding like extortionists? Listen to this new podcast with Trent Dunham, president at Dunham+Company, as we discuss how to create a culture of generosity in the church.

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Dunham Fundraising Institute

Trent Dunham Twitter


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A Conversation with Jeremy Burton from Museum of the Bible about Bible Engagement and Innovative Technologies: Podcast 223

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The Bible is currently used by more than 30,000 church organizations and denominations in the world. It would seem like presenting the Bible in it’s barest form is impossible without raising theological debates.

Our friends from Museum of the Bible, however, believe they can engage the people with the Bible in a fun, innovative, and educational way. Museum of the Bible invites people to engage with the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Jeremy Burton, Director of Communications for Museum of the Bible, to talk about Bible engagement for all faiths and all walks of life, while using innovative methods to boost social media efforts.

Museum of the Bible is located 3 blocks south of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. and is currently under construction. They will open in November 2017.


Show Notes:

Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible Facebook Page

Jeremy Burton Twitter

Museum of the Bible 360° Virtual Reality Tour

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A Conversation with Arthur Satterwhite from American Bible Society about Project Magellan and Rebranding the Bible: Podcast 222

When you hear the word “rebranding” it usually signifies that something needs to be changed. So if people want to rebrand the Bible, does it mean there is something wrong with the Word of God?

We know that there is nothing wrong with the Bible in itself, the real problem lies on how people perceive the Bible. Many people tend to see the Bible as an archaic text with rules and laws that are harsh, judgmental, and impossible to follow. Others view it as a book that has a lists of do’s and dont’s in life; and when you violate enough of them and you get a ticket to hell. There has been too much familiarity of the Bible in the Western world that it has lost its real meaning to them.

In this week’s episode, Arthur Satterwhite from the American Bible Society joins us in sharing all the reasons why the Bible has to be rebranded and how important it is for people to know the real message of God’s Word and enjoy the goodness it has to offer.

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Show Notes:

American Bible Society

Arthur Satterwhite - Twitter

Project Magellan

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A Conversation with Joel Southerland about Social Media and Evangelism: Podcast 221

If there is one thing that we keep on hearing from our church leaders who use social media, it’s that “Social media is a tool for evangelism!” - and it’s something that most of us agree with. The rest of the details, however, often do not follow. How exactly do we use social media for evangelism? Do we bombard Facebook with John 3:16’s? Do we create inspirational content and insert hints of the Gospel in them? Or do we just put selfies of our senior pastors on Instagram?

It seems easy to answer but laying out a blueprint for social media use in our ministries isn’t as simple as it appears to be. Joel Southerland joins us in this podcast to answer these questions about social media and evangelism.

How does your church utilize social media? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.

Show Notes:

Joel Southerland - Twitter

Peavine  Baptist Church - Facebook

Peavine Baptist Church - Twitter

North American Mission Board

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