Foundations of the First Virtual Reality Church: Podcast 242

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D.J. Soto, founder, and pastor of Virtual Reality Church shares with us his story on how the first VR Church came to life. Nils Smith and Nick Runyon also discuss some of the most controversial questions about the future of the church in a virtual reality world.


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Show Notes:


Virtual Reality Church

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Mark Zuckerberg

Tim Lucas

Liquid Church


Life Church

Wired - VR Church

NBC Network

Samsung Gear VR




Getting Ahead of Vine 2: Podcast 241

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Vine gained so much popularity during its first release in 2013. The sensational app garnered over 200 million active users, yet, it was discontinued by 2016. In December 2017, Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the original app, has announced its comeback with him working on Vine’s successor.  

In this episode, Nils and Nick talk about the possible opportunities the upcoming app can bring and how churches can prepare for its launch.


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Talking Big Data with Matt Engel: Podcast 240

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Churches are missing so many data points and opportunities to use this data to better impact their local communities. This data can be the key to revealing unseen issues, giving a more realistic picture of the needs in your church community.

In this episode of the podcast, Nick Runyon interviews Matt Engle from Gloo sharing the benefits of a systematized process around data in both organizational and church settings.

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Show Notes:

Matthew Engel

Leadership Network


Net Promoter Score

Adjusting to Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes: Podcast 239

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"Expect to see more from your friends, family, and groups, see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.. encouraging meaningful interactions between people." - Mark Zuckerberg

In this episode of the podcast, Nils and Nick share their take on Facebook’s new algorithm changes and will be exploring how organizations should adjust to these changes.


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Show Notes:

HQ Trivia

Mark Zuckerberg





Big Announcement and 2018 Predictions with Nick Runyon: Podcast 238

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Here’s something exciting to start off the year! Nils Smith and Nick Runyon break the biggest news on Social Media Church to date and shares with us their social media predictions for 2018!

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Show Notes:


CV Outreach

Global Media Outreach

Lord Robert Edmiston

National Religious Broadcasters


Google Home


The Power of Words with Wes Gay: Podcast 237

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Good words are worth much and cost little. - George Herbert

Join us in this podcast as Wes Gay, copywriter of Storybrand and Pushpay, unveils the importance of creating a communication system around the critical importance of words and a handful of tips to become an even better copywriter. It might be less complicated than you think.

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Show Notes:


Wes Gay Website


John Maxwell

Bob Goff


Donald Miller



Seth Godin

Scott Harrison

Charity Water

Clay Scroggins

North Point Community Church

Haley Veturis


Talking Vlogmas with Kenny Jahng of Church Butler: Podcast 236

In this episode of the podcast, my good friend, and regular guest, Kenny Jahng will be sharing with us his experience participating in this season’s social media trend called Vlogmas, and what you can learn from it!

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Canon SL2

Apple clips


A Conversation About Our Experience at Museum of the Bible: Podcast 235

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In this special edition of the podcast, I will be sharing my recent experience at Museum of the Bible. I also have a special guest (my wife!) joining us for the first time sharing from her perspective as well. This is so much more than a museum and we hope you enjoy our perspective and take our advice!

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Show Notes:

Katie Smith

Museum of the Bible

American Bible Society

Jeremy Burton

National Air And Space Museum


A Conversation about Social Media and Church Planting with Dylan Dodson of New City Church: Podcast 234

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How much help is social media for a church planter?

In this podcast, lead pastor of New City Church, Dylan Dodson shares with us his story in planting a church from scratch. From the financial challenges to the nerve-racking discouragements he has faced and how having an online presence has become a must for churches to connect better with people in their community.

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Show Notes:

Dylan Dodson FB Page


New City Church

Dylan Dodson Website

Louie Giglio

Justin Dean

A Conversation with Seth Muse from Hope Fellowship Church and host of Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast: Podcast 233

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Why is social media ministry unappealing to some churches?

There are many reasons that some churches stay away from being fully immersed in social media. For some, it’s a lack of understanding and for others, it’s the lack of resources to invest in yet another form of communication. In this podcast, Seth Muse defines the purpose and benefits of social media in church communications and the different roles it plays that will help any church get connected to people on a more personal level.

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Show Notes:

Seth Muse


Seth Muse Website

Hope Fellowship Church

Seminary Of Hard Knocks Podcast


Donald Miller

Copy Hackers

Copy Blogger

Amy Porterfield