Interview with Beth Debayle about YouTube and Millennials on Social Media: Podcast 201


In today’s episode, Nils interviews Beth Debayle, a Digital Strategist at Dunham+Company.  They talked about how to reach the millennials and how can it be of help to online ministry. Beth also enumerated the materials that she used in making her video along with the process in uploading it on Youtube. Tune in to the podcast and discover strategies that you can use in social marketing!

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Canon 70D DSLR Camera

Boom Microphone

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Biggest Developments in Social Media : Podcast 200


Innovation has become a massive adaptation for online church. It became the bread and butter of social media church to be known to the world. In the first episode of podcast for 2017, Nils and Jay identified social networks that would extend massive awareness of churches all over the world. They also discussed how some of the predictions they mentioned in the last episode were realized. Tune in to podcast and see what are the things that you might learn this year!


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Show Notes:

Instagram stories, stickers, time and location

Go live on Instagram stories

Snapchat is the new VLOG

Facebook Messenger is innovating, has integrations

Snapchat Spectacles - Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Wearables Technology - core people are high users, market-wise - created awesome solution for churches

3 social networks that church should focused on : Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

Offshore Outsourcing has a great impact in social media church

Twitter will be the next adaption of churches to invest

Looking Back on 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017: Podcast 199

Podcast 199 BANNER.jpg

2016 was a tremendous year for online church. It became known through social media and paved its way on fully strategizing churches all over the world. In today’s podcast, which would be the last episode for 2016, Nils and Jay did a flashback on the milestones of the online church ministry. They also talked about predictions on what will happen to social media in the year 2017. Tune in to the podcast and see what’s in store for you this 2017!

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Show Notes:


Launch of new course : Free 60 minute course Social Media Church University Courses , basic courses and snapchat courses

Predictions in 2017

Social Media’s Live video

Facebook will be launching Facebook TV and Integrate Facebook Live

2016’s Social Network is Instagram

In 2017 forecast Social Network - it is said that Snapchat will beat Instagram


Podcast networks

Christmas Tech Gift Ideas : Podcast 198

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to be finalizing which gifts to give to everyone. In this episode, Nils and Jay talked through a lot of perfect tech gift ideas. They give insightful reviews of gadget specifications and some tech ideas you might want to consider before buying a gift for important people in your life. Tune in to the podcast to grab some Christmas tech ideas!  

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Show Notes:


RICOH VR Camera 

Flexible Tripod for iPhone, for GoPro

Multi-material 3D printer  

Nintendo MINI NES 

UDI U818A quadcopter 

Circle with Disney 

Amazon Echo Dot


Pacing with Culture and Facebook’s Donate Button: Podcast 197

Amazon’s announcement of grab-and-go stores sparked several conversations around technology changing ways of living and their possible effects. In today’s podcast, Nils and Jay share their thoughts on a couple of recent tech updates and on how pastors and churches respond to these changes. They also talk about the pros and cons of Facebook’s Donate button. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!

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Show Notes:

Amazon announces new grab-and-go grocery stores with no cash registers

Elon Musk: Jobs will be taken by robots

Hardcore History Podcast

Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast

Donate Button--Fundraising tools for Nonprofits on Facebook

Free Church Online Course

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The Election, Social Media and the Church: Podcast 196

Nils and Jay are back after a hiatus in the Social Media Church podcast! In this podcast,they share their thoughts on last week’s Election in connection with social media and the church. They also talk about a couple of recent updates around social media. Tune in to the podcast!


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Show Notes:

Search your community to see what’s being talked about with Twitter Search

Apple rumored to get into AR business

New to Instagram Stories: Boomerang, Mentions and Links

Log on to TVApp.Church

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Reaching this Generation with City Rising Church LA: Podcast 195

Jay talks with the lead pastor of City Rising Church LA Brandon Lyons. They talk about what it looks to plant a church in 2016, how to deal with current social topics on social media, and some pointers to developing a community communication plan and internal communication plan.

Visit the City Rising Church website & follow Brandon on Twitter.

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Facebook Workplace, Marketplace & Donations: Podcast 194

This week, Facebook introduced Workplace. Nils and Jay share their thoughts and reaction to this new update as well as their experience with some other new updates around Facebook including Marketplace, Facebook for Nonprofits, giving on Facebook and Facebook Live. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!

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Show Links:

Sign up for Facebook Workplace

Facebook Marketplace

Charitable Giving in Facebook

Key Ministry on Facebook

Facebook for Nonprofits

Oculus Live Demo

Mark Zuckerberg’s Live Barbecue

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Click Funnels for Ministry: Podcast 193

Nils and Jay talk about Click Funnels--a tool that combines all other tools used for online marketing--and how ministries can utilize the conversion process to achieve goals.They go over the Click Funnels method and technology, Jay’s experience using the tool in ministry and a little bit about recommended TV shows to watch. Tune in to the podcast!

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Show Links:

The Profit (TV show)

Starting a small group at Saddleback

Check out Jay Kranda’s website

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