A Conversation with Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools: Podcast 211

How do you tell your church ministry stories on social media?

In this episode, Nils Smith is with Brady Shearer from Pro Church Tools. Pro Church Tools is an online platform company that helps churches maximize time beyond Sunday service. They discuss about the questions that are often asked when it comes to accomplishing your church's mission statement — not only in the real world perspective but also in the digital world. Nils then throws in a quick question about what social media platform where church leaders can ideally focus on to improve their ministry. Brady also shares his encouraging words for churches to begin sharing their stories. 

What stories do you share about your ministry through social media? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

Show Notes:

Pro Church Tools

Nucleus Platform

Facebook Ads Guide

Brady on Instagram

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A Conversation with Warren Bird from Leadership Network: Podcast 210

Do you believe that social media can boost your ministry?

Nils Smith is joined by Warren Bird from Leadership Network for this week’s episode. They talk about the core trends in social media that are essential for churches and how church leaders can utilize those features. They also talk about the ideas and widely asked questions about online campuses. Lastly, take note of their predictions about the latest trends of social media for churches in the next five years.

What are your Social Media ideas for your church? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Leadership Network

Leadership Network Advanced - for newsletters and regular promotions for SMC podcasts

Warren Bird’s Twitter

How to Break Growth Barriers by Warren Bird - for churches of all sizes

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More VR and Facebook Messenger: Podcast 209

Virtual/Augmented Reality and Facebook Messenger are now a trend with their latest updates that are also essential in interacting and connecting people together.

Nils and Jay have been talking about VR for about a year now. But, in this week’s Social Media Church podcast episode, they discuss about the advantages of integrating VR and Facebook Messenger to  your ministry. They also discuss about how the interface of each platform is useful for handling your church ministry.

What d’you think of Virtual/Augmented Reality and Facebook Messenger’s latest updates? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Matt McKee of Circle

CV Outreach

Facebook Messenger


Vimeo 360

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A Conversation with Jeremy Smith of Churchmag: Podcast 208

How can we integrate technology and social media to our churches?

Jeremy Smith of Churchmag joins Nils Smith in this week’s SMC podcast. Churchmag, formerly Churchcrunch, is a place that offers great resources that help churches become more tech-savvy and connect with even more people. Let’s hear their discussion about how churches are progressing with technology and what should be improved with technology and social media for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel.

How’s your church doing with technology? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Churchmag - The #1 Resource for Church Technology and Creativity.

Jeremy Smith’s Twitter

Churchmag’s Twitter

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Analyzing Online Church Models: Podcast 207

Social media is a great way to build an online community where people can connect with each other.

In this week’s Social Media Church podcast episode, Nils Smith and Jay Kranda talk about Online Church Models and how you can promote your Online Church through social media. They also discuss about strategies that are used or can be used by online churches. Jay also shares his insights about his social media prediction!

What strategy are you using for your online church? Share it with us by using our hashtag #SMCPodcast.



Show Notes:

Facebook Live - a powerful tool for broadcasting your ministry

CV Outreach - awesome partnership for online churches

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Social Media Predictions Interview with Kenny Jahng: Podcast 206

What’s the next big thing in social media over the next few years?

Kenny Jahng, the Pastor of Media and Innovation at Liquid Church,  joins Nils in this week’s podcast as they talk about their predictions on social media. They also discuss how social media was introduced to people, how it was developed throughout the years, and how it could be improved. Moreover, they also identify the differences between social media platforms offering almost the same features as the others.

Do you have your own social media predictions too? We’d love to hear it! Engage with us through #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Kenny's Website

Kenny's Twitter

TVApp Church

Church Butler

Check out Kenny Jahng’s insights HERE!

Check out Nils Smith’s insights HERE!

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Building Your Social Media Response Systems interview with Halie Powell: Podcast 205

It seems like Social Media has gone to the next level in terms of communicating and connecting people together. In today’s episode, Halie Powell joins the conversation as they talk about how Social Media platforms are used by different clients and the process of building a response system that suits their brand, target audience, and etc. Nils shares the importance of having that ‘wow factor’ when responding for each platform so that the audience can really feel that they are heard. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!


How do you respond to social media comments? We would like to hear from you! Share it to us by using the #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Ideal Social Media platforms for your response system:

Sprout Social a superb platform if you have unlimited budget

Agorapulse is a great option for a more affordable solution

Other alternatives: Buffer, Social Report

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Church Online Funnels: Podcast 204

Jay has been interviewing different church online pastors for a series he has been doing on jaykranda.com/blog. In this podcast Jay turns the tables and interviews Nils and asks how he would set up a church online today! Make sure you like us on Facebook so you can join in for our Facebook Live streams!

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Instagram Stealing SnapChats Thunder, Spectacles, & Facebook Live on Zoom.us: Podcast 203

Nils and Jay use Zoom.us Webinar Facebook Live feature for the first time to capture their podcast. Check out the playback of the event on their Facebook Page! During the Facebook Live event Instagram is taking viewership from SnapChat, Nils shares about his recent purchase of SnapChat Spectacles, also discuss how to fit Facebook Live events into your current social media posting calendar, and update on Tvapp.church.


Show Links:







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