Dec 152014
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Listen to what Josh Burns has learned in 4+ years at Park Community Church (Chicago) as director of social media and what he’s cooking up at the Social Church Academy with Think Digital. He talks about the key steps for how your church can build its social media strategy.

Josh is the Marketing Manager of Social Church Academy, an online resource designed to help churches grow their social media presence. Each month, members receive the resources, tools and access to expert interviews they need in order to grow their church with social media. For our friends at Social Media Church Podcast, get a discount on the already discounted charter offer by using the code: DJ ~ this code expires on January 2. Click here to become a member today. Merry Christmas!

Show Notes

Connect with Josh Burno on Twitter @jburno +

Previous episodes of Social Media Church with Justin Wise: Episode 74 + Episode 33

KNOW-LIKE-TRUST-BUILD – a blog post Justin Wise wrote and it includes the KLTB spectrum and the system
Dec 092014
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This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Adam Graber, a blogger at The Second Eclectic, with a tagline of: “Technology changes how we relate to God and each other.” Listen in for how social media changes how we relate to God and each other.

Show Notes

Connect with Adam Graber @AdamGraber on Twitter + Blog

#ebook: From Pews to Podcasts: What Technology Wants for the Church – .. how church pews were 14th-century social media

other #articles by Adam Graber

Join the conversation at Social Media Church by reserving a time on the web calendar to record a convo

Candlelight at Disneyland fan page (@

Nov 112014
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Doug Pagitt August 5, 2012.  (Courtney Perry)

Doug Pagitt has had quite a faith journey, from no faith to megachurch, from emergent church to missional community (though he might say being emergent is being missional, though others may not). Currently, Doug Pagitt is the national director of the Cana Initiative and Doug is the founding pastor of Solomon’s Porch (Minneapolis, Minnesota). On this episode of Social Media Church, we meander through multiple layers of conversations about how social media might have played a role in his theological explorations. This is the most fascinating circuitous conversations we’ve had to date and you’re guaranteed to hear something you’ll disagree with; I know I did :) Or your money back.

Show Notes

Connect with Doug Pagitt on Twitter @pagitt + web + on Facebook

#book Flipped: The Provocative Truth That Changes Everything We Know About God by Doug Pagitt (releasing in February 2015)

7 other books by Doug Pagitt, including A Emergent Manifesto of Hope, Church in the Inventive Age, A Christianity Worth Believing

#video raw recording of this conversation – Doug Pagitt with DJ Chuang

The Nines online conference – hosted by Leadership Network

Nov 052014
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Stephen Morrissey blogs and podcasts at, using his time and skills as a web professional to help churches get strategic about their web and social media presence. Listen to this episode to hear the back story for why he started blogging and podcasting, and his heart for helping churches using his experiences in strategy and business analytics.

Show Notes

Connect with Stephen Morrissey on Twitter @ChurchWebStrats and his podcast + blog at

Pittsburgh area churches that Stephen’s noticed

#podcast Judith Gotwald on How Social Media Saved Our Church on Episode 48 ~ Judith is in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area

Oct 222014
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Let’s give K.C. Procter a call on this episode of Social Media Church and hear how he does all that he does- a Dad, an Online Campus Pastor (at New Life Church in Renton WA), a podcaster (Dad Life Rules), and co-founder of publishing power-house ChurchMag Press. Listen to how their church started in social media, decided when it was time to launch an online campus, how having a fake parody account of a pastor was useful (instead of a letter for cease & desist), the most popular e-books at ChurchMag, and more! Sorry, we didn’t get to the inside scoop about Starbucks.

Show Notes

Connect with K.C. Procter at + on Twitter @kcprocter + on Facebook

Listen + Subscribe to the Dad Life Rules podcast

New Life Church (Renton, WA) + its Online Campus + its 11 gatherings

ChurchMag Press ~ digital publishing arm of the ChurchMag church tech blog

#ebook Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy by Jonathan Malm

#ebook Social Media Handbook: Church Edition by ChurchMag Press Collaborative

#ebook The Essential Social Media Content Strategy Guide by KC Procter

Oct 062014
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Dave Travis is the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) of Leadership Network, a ministry organization that fosters innovation movements that activate THE CHURCH to greater impact for the Glory of God’s name. Dave has a unique vantage point of seeing how innovative churches are incorporating technology and social media in their ministry strategies, and that’s what we have a conversation about on this episode of Social Media Church podcast. Dave talks about what digital technologies opens up in terms of opportunities, how pastors and church leaders can adjust to the changing dynamics of social media, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Dave Travis on Twitter @DaveTravis and on Facebook

The Nines a free online conference for church leaders; this year’s theme is “Culture Clash” about how the church will respond to our fast-changing culture

#article “Trolling For God: 5 Things You Can Learn From Westboro’s Social-Media Playbook: The church crushes it using the tools of Satan” by Helen A.S. Popkin (at, August 2014) [ed.note: the episode audio had incorrectly attributed this article to Mashable, it is actually ReadWrite #correction]

#syndication Social Media Church podcast at the Leadership Network blog


Sep 232014
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Kenny Jahng, the Pastor of Media and Innovation at Liquid Church (Morristown, NJ), celebrates Episode 100 with Social Media Church podcast! Of course we have to have conversations about social media, how email is the killer app (according to Kenny Jahng), how traditional media and even the postal service are all useful channels of communications in this social media age, how Liquid Church’s Church Online strategy has changed, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Kenny Jahng on Twitter @kennyjahng or @kkcoolj or @godvertiser+ his blog

#article Service Teams that Go Above and Beyond (@ Leadership Network blog) ~ about the Liquid Church Roadies, celebrating and valuing the setup & tear down crew and making that a special experience

Also, listen to Kenny Jahng on the inaugural Episode 1 of Social Media Church

#raw video of the recording session for this episode on YouTube powered by Google+ Hangout on Air

Sep 152014
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Natalie Aho serves churches and ministries as an interactive communication specialist, working in the areas of communication and social media for ministries like Associated Baptist Press/Herald and Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and Center for Healthy Churches. Natalie connects the Social Media Church for a conversation about how communication has rapidly changed and developed with social media, how she helps churches and pastors to use social media through resources and conferences, and what she thinks of the newly announced Apple products.

Show Notes

Connect with Natalie Aho on Twitter @naaho + Facebook = a resource website for church leaders to learn ways to reach their communities online, developed by Natalie Aho = Paper Churches in a Digital World, a one-day conference for conversations about congregations, social media, & communicating in the age of the internet

#video raw recording of this conversation – Natalie Aho with DJ Chuang

The free-for-all for the general public to register .CHURCH domain names starts at 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT on September 17, 2014. More about .CHURCH domain names:

Sep 092014
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Listen in on a face-to-face conversation with Jay Kranda, Online Campus Pastor of Saddleback Church, and host DJ Chuang on this episode of Social Media Church. Jay shares about the lessons learned in pastoring an Online Campus, running 167 online worship services every week (that’s almost one every hour on the hour), how they make online-to-offline connections through Extensions, sneak preview about future developments, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Jay Kranda at his blog + Twitter @jaykranda + Facebook

Visit Saddleback Church’s Online Campus

OnlineChurchLeaders.comsocialmediamadeeasysb – free online training for online churches + internet campuses

Also listen to Jay Kranda on Social Media Church Episode #19 for more background about the online campus strategy at Saddleback Church

Jay Kranda’s eBook = Social Media Made Easy for Small Businesses: Grow Your Business and Help Others in the Process

Get the special offer @

Select blog posts by Jay Kranda (@ tagged Church Online —